My Reflections – 10th Sunday Ordinary time


Sin, as we all know is an offence against God.  It is our own doing, our free will which distances us away from God.  When we sin it sits uncomfortable on our shoulders, deep down there is an unwillingness to admit that we are wrong and to express penitence for our offence.  If we don’t admit our faults we cannot receive God’s forgiveness.

Like Adam and Eve, we hide.  Adam hid because he was guilty and felt ashamed and embarrassed for what he had done, eating the forbidden fruit.  Automatically shifting the blame onto Eve, saying “It was the women you put with me”.  When Eve was confronted she accused the serpent.  It shows our human weakness of avoiding and not accepting responsibility for our own actions.  We have an urge to shift the blame and profess our own innocence because we feel ashamed of what we have done and we don’t want to own up to them.


The Gospel reading shows us healing, strength, forgiveness and a way out of our difficulties.  Jesus’ whole life was a renewal between God and His people.  Jesus’ final sacrifice on the Cross was for the forgiveness of the whole world from their sins.  Saving us for eternal life in the ‘Kingdom of God’ with Him, only if we believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God.


It is so important for regular confession, the Church provides the ‘Sacrament of Reconciliation’ which washes away all mortal and venial sins from our souls, leaving us in the same pure state as our Baptism.

Sin is like a wall being created, and each sinful act is a building block separating us from God.  The more we sin the greater the wall will become, which will overwhelm us, taking us deeper into evil temptations and the devil will make us think there’s no way back.  Confession breaks and destroys this wall restoring us back to God’s loving embrace.

But we are also warned in the Gospel of Mark (Ch 3).  If we blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, there will be No forgiveness from God, they are guilty of an eternal sin.

The only time we should mention the names of the Most Holy Trinity on our lips:  God the Father, God the Son (Our Lord Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit is when we are in prayer.