Oscotian Day – Feast day of Oscott College.

St Marys White Background

Today is the feast day of St. Mary’s College Oscott.  Past and present Oscotians (Seminarians of Oscott) were here to celebrate Mass and have a festive meal with us.  Priests who have studied here over the years and the current Oscott community all shared a wonderful day together.

The college is dedicated to Virgin Mary – “Our Lady seat of Wisdom”.  The college crest above shows the infant Jesus “the Wisdom” sitting on Mary’s lap.  Mary is the seat for Jesus.  That is why she is called “Our Lady Seat of Wisdom.”

Our last hymn during Mass was “Holy light on earth’s horizon”.  The college has over the years added an additional verse to this hymn.  Which I’ll type out below.

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom:  Pray for us.


“We beseech thee, Seat of Wisdom,

intercede for us today.

Thou art bless’d, O Virgin Mary,

help us on our pilgrim way.

We do love thee, as our Mother,

we adore thy glorious Son,

and we pray for all Oscotians

as they follow thy dear Son.”